Educational Level “Bachelor”

Bachelor’s studies at IHT cover 4 years. After entering the Institute, students receive fundamental interdisciplinary knowledge and study their chosen basic specialty. Students who choose educational programs such as electronics (high technologies) or applied physics (nanophysics and computer technologies), additionally study chemical and biological sciences in depth. Students enrolled in programs, such as chemistry (high technologies), also study the physical, mathematical and biological sciences. Finally, those who choose the educational program biology (high technologies) attend lectures on physical, mathematical and chemical sciences. Courses devoted to computer technologies are included in the curricula of all educational programs beginning with the first year of the study.

BACHELOR Educational programs:

102 — chemistry (high technologies), with in-depth study of physical, mathematical and biological sciences;

091 — biology (high technologies), with in-depth study of physical, mathematical and chemical sciences;

105 — nanophysics and computer technologies, with in-depth study of biological and chemical sciences;

171 — electronics (high technologies), with in-depth study of biological and chemical sciences.

Duration of study: 4 years.

Educational Level “Master”

Bachelors of the following specialties can be accepted on IHT master’s programs: physics, chemists, biologists, mathematicians, cybernetics, computer, software, and system engineers. The students are accepted on the Master’s courses if they successfully pass exams on corresponding specialty and foreign language on a competitive basis.

Master’s studies at IHT last 2 years. The students accepted at the Master EL  may come different background; thus, they attend courses in sciences not related to their basic education. Bachelor’s degree students with the backgrounds in physics and mathematics attend lectures on biology and chemistry, the chemists — on physics and biology, biologists — on physics and chemistry. Then they attend courses on basic research tools and analytical techniques,  interdisciplinary courses, and  elective courses. The study  covers the main current directions and trends in high-technology industries supplemented by laboratory work for practical training. Students at their second year of study  independently select courses in areas in which they would like to extend their knowledge for further scientific work. Students are offered three blocks of disciplines (i.e, physical, chemical, and biological) with six lecture courses per discipline. Students must choose one course from each block of disciplines plus two courses of their choice from any block.

MASTER Education programs:
091 — structural biology and bioinformatics;

102 — high technologies (chemistry and nanomaterials);

102 — high technologies (chemoinformatics), double degree program with the University of Strasbourg;

162 — high technologies (biotechnology);

105 — high technologies (applied physics and nanomaterials), double degree program from Ecole Centrale, Lyon, France.

Duration of study: 2 years;