Nanostructuring of the metal surface by hydrogen treatment


The creation of nanostructured surfaces is interesting for overcoming the problems humanity faces in ecology and medicine. Our scientific group proposes to use hydrogen treatment of metals to create a nanostructured layer on the surface. Such treatment of metal surfaces can be useful in the development of nanotechnologies, namely due to hydrogen embrittlement, in the creation of a nanostructured metal surface. That is, the long-known phenomenon that causes hydrogen destruction of metal objects can be practically useful. It is well known that the change in the surface properties of the film significantly affects the SPR spectrum. Therefore, the idea arose to process the gold film (SPR sensor) with short-term pulses of electrolysis current. With this treatment, hydrogen penetrates mainly into the surface layer of the film and changes the layer’s optical properties. Such processing is easily controlled. A significant accumulation of hydrogen in the surface layer causes hydrogen embrittlement in the film. This can become the basis of the technology for creating nanostructured metal surfaces. Students of IHT take an active part in the development of this idea.

Schematic images of a golden metal film before (1) and after (2) hydrogen treatment


Dr. AnatoliiVasyliev,

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Nanostructuring of the metal surface by hydrogen treatment