Fiber Optics


Study of destruction substance under the exposure of optical near field subwavelength fiber probe

We investigate the effect of the near optical field of fiber probes on matter. This field exists in the subwavelength distances from the surface of the fiber probes. The fiber probes were prepared by fusing and pulling of quartz fibers.

In the investigations have been demonstrated destruction of the starting material and a sedimentation their products (metallic and carbon structures) on fiber probe surface as a result of interaction of optical near field of tapered subwavelength-diameter optical fibers with matter. The
images of given structures and the association between their forms, dimensions and structures of optical near fields are shown. As a result the images of obtained structures are presented and relations between structure's shape, sizes and field distribution are analyzed.

The results of these studies provide new opportunities to create new elements of nanophotonic devices. Furthermore it is obvious that the effects of the optical near-field must be considered when research materials by near-field optics metods.


Valery Grygoruk, Prof., D. Sc. in Physics and Mathematics,
Yurij Slinchenko, Ph.D,

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Fiber Optics