Optical properties of nanocomposite films


Nanocomposites are artificial materials that have been studied for several decades and possess new unusual properties. Nanocomposite thin films are used in different branches of modern science and technologies – sensorics, photovoltaics, biology and medicine. By being able to adjust the concentration, sizes, and shapes of nanoparticle inclusions, it is possible to obtain predetermined properties of nanocomposite films, including exotic properties such as metamaterials. Our scientific team has developed powerful methods for studying and modeling the optical properties of nanocomposite films, enabling the investigation of properties of multicomponent films and films with inclusions of various shapes with non-uniform distribution along the film thickness.

The advantage of the developed methodis that it isan analytical method, where results are obtained as analytical formulas. Only for obtaining results for specific materials, numerical calculation sinthe for mof simple tabulation are required. The characteristic feature of the methodisthe comprehensive consideration of electrodynamic (field) interactions between the inclusions, as well as between the inclusions and the matrix. Some results are presented below:


Prof. Dr. Valeri Lozovski v.lozovsk@gmail.com, v-lozovski@ukr.net

Selected publications:

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Optical properties of nanocomposite films