Our Alumni (by 2021)

Was the knowledge you obtained at IHT useful for your career?

Daniil Bash, who started to make his successful scientific career in Singapore: “Without the knowledge gained at IHT, I would never have been able to be a part of cool interdisciplinary projects I was involved in after the study. I use almost everything I studied.  The study was an invaluable experience, and I see how such an interdisciplinary approach is gradually becoming the norm in the world.”


What would you advise to our students and teachers?

Iuliia Kovalchuk, continued her study at one of the best French Universities: “I want to wish students to understand themselves and not be afraid of new things. Researching into something new and unknown often leads to success. The main thing is to understand why you do it. And to teachers: never rest in excellence and inspiration! As for me, teaching is one of the most difficult professions.”

What impressed you most during your studies?

Daria Sediuko: “People were the most impressed! First of all, that were very ambitious students who studied at IHT, who created a special atmosphere; they motivated each other and did not let you relax. And they also supported and rejoiced at the achievements of their colleagues. In this regard, I am happy, because I have many intelligent and bright friends from IHT”

What type of activity did you choose after graduating from the University?

Tetiana Matviichuk: “I became engaged in teaching and popularizing science and lifelong learning. I organized educational courses for various categories of people, from children to adults, and I also started popularizing the science. If a person wants to realize himself, he can take our various courses and gain additional knowledge to be more competitive on the job market.”

What is view on IHT?

Oleksandr Tsuvariev, who is now an assistant professor at IHT: “For me personally, it is much more than a part of our university. First of all, these are people who were my Teachers and Mentors, without exaggeration, with a capital letter.”

Would you recommend IHT; if so, why?

Oleksandr Boiko, who is passionate about artifical intelligence: “I like the interdisciplinary approach to teaching at the IHT. You choose a certain direction for in-depth study and as a bonus you get additional knowledge that will allow you to see some phenomena from a different point of view. A very important factor is the cooperation and assistance of the Institute administration to students! It is also possible to obtain a double diploma (for example, from Ukrainian, and French universities).”

Where now, after the study?

Oleksand Khylko, interviewed one year after completing the study: “I currently hold the position of a data bank analyst at Covance. This is a huge international company engaged in clinical research – testing new medicines in clinics. My responsibilities include data processing, standardizing and statistical analysis. I am a manage of a small team at Covance involved in an oncology project.”

What is most memorable moment for you about your study at IHT?

Andriy Kovalchuk on his study years: “Study at IHT was very positive, it helped to broaden one’s horizons, not to focus too much only on one subject, there was an understanding that the fields of science are very closely intertwined and it is necessary to be able to find a common language and understand fellow physicists and biologists (with whom we now have to cooperate quite often)”

What was a major challenge for you during the study and how did you overcome it?

Bakhmachuk Olenka, took up the topic Development of a method for assessing the level of immobilization of oligonucleotides on a sensor surface for a master’s diploma: “It was a challenge to study in mixed groups. You quickly realized that you were very green in the topic discussed, but teachers managed to explain the material so well that it became clear.
Fellow students of the relevant specialty helped me. And you later could even pass the exam! Then you, as a chemist, could help those  who explained you electronics or biology. Everyone helped everyone.”