Scientific society of students and postgraduates (SSSP)

SSSP is a student organization. Its main objective is to prove that doing science is possible everywhere and that it is interesting and can bring profit. SSSP provides students with access to current scientific information, assistance with academic and scientific mobility, and preparation of related documents such as curriculum vitae. The key word at IHT is “interdisciplinarity”. SSSP helps students of all specialties in finding a common language.

SSSP of IHT closely cooperates with the SSSP of Faculty of Physics  and Faculty of Radiophysics and Computer Systems. We cooperate with other universities and companies. We invite you to join our Telegram channel

SSSP is always on the search for creative people. If you are interested in such an activity, please contact us through post office or write to Roman Zheleznyak, head of SSSP IHT, at Telegram @rnantus  .