Education at the Institute of High Technologies aims at providing in-depth knowledge in different sciences – mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, that we believe is necessary for understanding of modern technologies. The training at the Institute of High Technologies is carried out on a full-time basis at three educational levels – BACHELOR, MASTER and PhD.

All bachelor educational programs start from the courses devoted to different disciplines. The areas of natural sciences which are particularly important for the knowledge-intensive technologies receive a particular attention. Only after the students acquire the basic interdisciplinary knowledge and elemental skills of working in a chemical, physical of biological scientific laboratory, they attend lectures on high technologies, for example, on basics of modern electronics, nanomedicine, green energy etc.

On the master level, students sharpen the knowledge in natural sciences, and proceed further to learn new modern technologies. 

IHT students undergo practical training in the laboratories of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, foreign universities, scientific research institutes of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, and enterprises of the relevant profile. Performing practical and laboratory work in research institutes and enterprises gives students the opportunity to gain practical knowledge and experience working on modern scientific engineering and production equipment. The best students of IHT have the opportunity to do internships, internships, and graduate theses at the world’s leading universities. The research is an integral part of education at the Institute of High Technologies, and we take special care for it to be at the front-edge of science and technology today.

The third level of education is aimed at preparation of highly qualified competitive specialist integrated into the European and global scientific and educational space, and  who has successfully completed his own scientific research, is able to conduct independent research, pedagogical, and organizational activities.