Hydrogen storage devices


R@D of solid-state hydrogen storage devices based on nanosilicon

The idea is to create autonomous power sources based on a small-sized fuel cell (electricity generator), a cartridge and a toner (a tableted or pressed composite based on nanomaterials with a catalyst). The main directions are the study of the structural and morphological characteristics of nanomaterials from modes synthesis, research of physicochemical processes of hydrogenation of nanohybrids and hydrogen adsorption — desorption processes depending on the morphology of nanocrystallites and raw materials, increasing the efficiency of hydrolysis and accelerating the rate of hydrogen extraction.


Prof. Valeriy Skryshevsky, skryshevsky@knu.ua

Docent Ivan Ivanov, ivan.ivanov@knu.ua

Ass.Olga Pylipova olha.pylypova@knu.ua

Senior researcher Anton Manilov anmanilov@univ.kiev.ua

Selected publications:

  • A.I. Manilov, V.A. Skryshevsky, Hydrogen in porous silicon – A review, Mater. Sci, Eng. B., 178, 942-955, 2013.
  • G. Mussabek, S.A. Alekseev, A.I. Manilov, S. Tutashkonko, T. Nychyporuk, Y. Shabdan, G. Amirkhanova, S.V. Litvinenko, V.A. Skryshevsky, V. Lysenko, Kinetics of Hydrogen Generation from Oxidation of Hydrogenated Silicon Nanocrystals in Aqueous Solutions, Nanomater., 10, 1413, 2020.
Hydrogen storage devices