Slinchenko Yu. A.


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Laboratory of fiber optics

He graduated from the Radiophysics Faculty of Kyiv University in 1992. In 1992–1995 he studied at a graduate school. From 1995 to 2001, he worked as a junior researcher at the Scientific Research Institute of Optical and Microwave Information Processing and Theory of Environments. Since 2001, he has been an assistant at the Electrophysics Department of the Radio Physics Faculty. He defended his thesis "Physical features of the propagation of optical radiation in fiber elements and short typical special light guides" in 2011. Conducts seminars and laboratory work on the courses "Electricity and Magnetism" and "Optics". The main areas of scientific research are fiber optics, physics of nanosystems. As a result of research, improved methods of creation and implementation of passive fiber-optic splitters, fiber-optic elements for information transmission and processing systems, physical field sensors have been proposed.
DepartmentQuantum Radiophysics
Scientific degree (degree, specialty)Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics
Academic degree