Nyporko O. Yu.



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Positionthe head of the department
DepartmentMolecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Scientific degree (degree, specialty)Doctor of Science in Biology
Academic degreedocent
PublicationsLi, J., Peng, Q., Han, H., Nyporko, A., Kulynych, T., Yu, Q., Powles, S (2018) Glyphosate Resistance in Tridax procumbens via a Novel EPSPS Thr-102-Ser Substitution // Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. Vol 66. N 30. P. 7880-7888. Chu Z, Chen J, Nyporko A, Han H, Yu Q and Powles S (2018) Novel α-tubulin mutations conferring resistance to dinitroaniline herbicides in Lolium rigidum // Front. Plant Sci. 9:97. doi: 10.3389/fpls.2018.00097 Nyporko A. Yu. (2016) The 8-oxo-dGTP interaction with human DNA polymerase β: two patterns of ligand behavior // Structural Chemistry. Vol 27, N.1. P. 175-183. Lozovski V., Nyporko A.Yu., Piatnytsia V. (2015) The physical model of the long-range biological nano-objects recognition // Journal of Bionanoscience. Vol. 9, N. 2. P. 112-119. Zubatiuk, T., Kukuev, M.A., Korolyova, A.S., Gorb, L., Nyporko, A., Hovorun, D., Leszczynski, J. (2015) Structure and binding energy of double-stranded a-dna mini-helices: quantum-chemical study // J. Phys Chem B. Vol. 115, N. 40. P. 12741-12749. Nyporko A. Yu. (2014) DNA Dependent DNA Polymerases as Targets for Low-Weight Molecular Inhibitors: State of Art and Prospects of Rational Design // in book: Application of Computational Techniques in Pharmacy and Medicine: L. Gorb, V. Kuz’min, E. Muratov, eds.Springer: Dordrecht, Heidelberg, New York, London, 2014. 550 p.P. 95-135. Nyporko A. Yu., Blume Ya. B. (2014) Structural mechanisms of interaction of cyanolcrylates with plant tubulin. Cytology and Genetics – 2014. – Vol. 48. – N 1. – P 7-14. Yarmoluk S. M., Nyporko A. Yu., Bdzhola V. G. (2013) Rational design of protein kinase inhibitors. Biopolymers and Cell. –2013. –Vol. 29. – N 4. – P. 339-347. Blume Y. B, Yemets A. I., Sheremet Ya. O.,, Nyporko A. Yu., Sulimenko V., Sulimenko T., Dráber P. (2010) Exposure of beta-tubulin regions defined by antibodies on an Arabidopsis thaliana microtubule protofilament model and in the cells. BMC Plant Biology, 10:29. Karpov P. A., Nadezhdina E. S, Yemets A. I., Matusov V. G., Nyporko A. Yu., Shashina N. Yu., Blume YaB. (2010) Bioinformatic search of plant microtubule-and cell cycle related serine-threonine protein kinases. BMC Genomics, 11(Suppl 1):S14.