Kolienov S. O.



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ORCID: 0000-0001-5408-1983


In 1998, he graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Faculty of Radiophysics, and in 2001 - postgraduate studies at the university. He has been working at KNU since 2001 in the following positions: engineer, junior. of science associate, 2004 – assistant, 2011 – associate professor of quantum radiophysics. Defended in 2003, candidate. dissertation "Analysis of wavefront distortions by the laser differential-phase method" (scientific supervisor - Prof. V.V. Danilov).

Main directions of scientific work: acousto-optics, optics, laser scanning microscopy, digital information processing, design of radio-electronic devices, digital communication. He is fluent in PC, many programming languages and CAD of electronic equipment. Participated in the development of laser scanning microscopes with acousto-optic scanning, laser personalization systems, laser projection systems and laser engraving devices. He worked on the application of laser differential-phase scanning microscopes for research and determination of parameters of a wide class of objects in such fields as ophthalmology, engineering industry and semiconductor electronics.

Author of more than 80 publications, including 5 patents for inventions.
DepartmentQuantum Radiophysics
Scientific degree (degree, specialty)Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics
Academic degreedocent
PublicationsMain works: 1. International PCT Patent # PCT/US02/41853, Publication # WO 03/057008, 17.07.2003 “Device for measuring the aberration refraction of the eye” (in co-authorship); 2. International PCT Patent # PCT/UA2015/000123, Publication # WO/2016/108805, 07.07.2016 “Method for defining the parameters of an object, and device for carrying out said method (variants)” (in co-authorship); 3. Analysis of dispersion characteristics of phonon structures // ZhETF, 2011, Volume 139, No. 5 (in co-authorship); 4. Reduction of friction and wear by grooves applied on the nanoscale polished surface in boundary lubrication conditions // Nanoscale Research Letters, 2014, 9:226 (in co-authorship); 5. Comparison of obtaining phase photo-response images in case of scanning of semiconductor heterostructures in p-n junction perpendicular plane // Radioelectronics and Communications Systems, 2015, Vol. 58, No. 4; 6. Light scattering by rough surface of quartz covered with the layer of sodium hypochlorite aqueous solution // Chapter 3, In book: Interaction of physical fields with nanostructured materials. Jülich: Forschungszentrum Jülich GmbH Zentralbibliothek, Verlag, Schriften des Forschungszentrums Jülich Reihe Schlüsseltechnologien / Key Technologies 211. – 2020, pp. 119-170. (Monograph, co-authored); 7. Technique of light-assisted polishing of quartz surface covered with sodium hypochlorite solution: electrodynamical analysis // Journal of Modern Optics. Vol. 67 (7), 2020, pp. 647-653 (in co-authorship).