Dziubenko N. V.


Account (profile) in scientometric databases:

2016 - Grant of the President of Ukraine for gifted youth 2007 - Travel grant for participation in the Joint Meeting of the Slovak Physiological Society, Bratislava, Slovak Republic.
Positionsenior research fellow
DepartmentMolecular Biotechnology and Bioinformatics
Scientific degree (degree, specialty)Candidate of Science in Biology
Academic degree
Publications36 articles in scientific publications (9 of them in the scientometric database Scopus), more than 30 theses in collections of conference abstracts. Main publications in the last 5 years: • Byelinska I.V., Kuznietsova H.M., Dziubenko N.V., Lynchak O.V., Rybalchenko T.V., Prylutskyy Yu.I., Kyzyma O.A., Ivankov O., Rybalchenko V.K., Ritter U. Effect of С60 fullerenes on the intensity of colon damage and hematological signs of ulcerative colitis in rats. Mat Sci Eng C, 2018; 93: 505-517. • Kuznietsova H.M., Lynchak O.V., Dziubenko N.V., Osetskyi V.L., Ogloblya O.V., Prylutskyy Yu I., Rybalchenko V.K., Ritter U., Scharff P. Water-soluble C60 fullerenes reduce manifestations of acute cholangitis in rats. Appl Nanosci, 2018. doi: 10.1007/s13204-018-0700-5 • Stepanova N., Tolstanova G., Stashevska N., Dzyubenko N., Sergiychuk T., Sergiychuk T., Akulenko I. The antibiotic prophylaxis effect on the colon oxalobacter formigenes colonization in patients with recurrent pyelonephritis and hyperoxaluria // Nephrology Dialysis Transplantation – 2017. – V. 32. – P. iii432–iii433. • Holota Y., Bazan A., Olefir Y., Dziubenko N., Ostapchuk A., Dovbynchyk T., Chervinska T., Serhiychuk T., Putnikov A., Kaji I., Tolstanova G. The correlation between microbiota metabolic activity & mucosal homeostasis after ceftriaxone treatment // Physiology 2016 Abstracts Joint Meeting of the American Physiological Society and The Physiological Society 29 – 31 July 2016 • Convention Center Dublin, Ireland P. 124P-125P. • Kuznetsova G.M., Dzyubenko N.V., Chereshchuk I.O., Rybalchenko T.V. Influence of water-soluble C60 fullerenes on the development of acute colitis in rats // Biological studies. - 2017. - Vol. 11, No. 1. - P. 41-50. • Yena M., Kuznetsova G., Dzyubenko N., Rybalchenko V. The effect of pyrrole derivatives on the mucous membrane of the large intestine of rats, compared to a glucocorticoid drug, under the conditions of the development of experimental colitis // Scientific bulletin of Lesya Ukrainka East European National University. – 2015. – No. 12. – C. 151-157.