History of the Department of Quantum Radiophysics

The Department of Quantum Radiophysics (until 1962 – the Department of Radiophysics), one of the four departments of the newly created Faculty of Radiophysics, began its work on the eve of 1952-1953 AD. The first teachers and members of the department were: the head of the department, Art. off I. A. Deryugin, assistants L. M. Haniuk, E. D. Maiboroda, P. T. Starostin. Together with them, engineering and technical workers made an important contribution to the formation of the department in the first years of its existence: V. Kunytsia, I. Syedov, O. Spivakov, V. I. Tsymbarevich, B. M. Molochnikov, Yu. V. Orzhehovskyi, and others . In the second half of the 1950s, prof. V. I. Levashov (defended the first doctoral thesis at the department on electrodynamics of the theory of relativity), art. off A. R. Rublev and graduates of the department: assistants V. A. Babko, V. F. Bazikalo, P. S. Kuts, M. I. Lyashenko, Yu. O. Nechiporuk. The first head of the department was I. A. Deryugin (1952-1972). From 1972 to the end of 2001, the department was headed by V. V. Danilov, and from January 2002 by V. I. Grigoruk.

In August 1962, the all-faculty department of general radio engineering was separated from the department, and the department of radiophysics itself, in accordance with the tasks it was solving at that time, was renamed the department of quantum radiophysics. The first students of the department were the best students of the 3rd and 4th years of physics faculties of various pedagogical institutes and the physics faculty of Kyiv University, who were invited to study at the new faculty. Life required the urgent training of radiophysicists, and therefore students recruited in this way during 1952-1953 AD. listened to the relevant special courses, completed a number of radiophysics cycles of laboratory work, and in the same year the department graduated the first five specialist radiophysicists. It should be noted that the topics of the diploma theses at that time were interesting and relevant, for example, “Construction of a frequency stabilization scheme of a klystron generator using microwave absorption lines by gases”, “Photoelectric properties of single crystals obtained from a solution in acetone under the influence of visible light”, and developed in the diploma for the work of V. A. Babka, the NMR-based magnetic field meter received the medal of the VDNG of the Ukrainian SSR.

From the beginning of the creation and formation of the department, its head I. A. Deryugin forms the first main scientific directions of the department:


  1. Radio spectroscopy (I. V. Bayrachenko, V. A. Babko, Yu. O. Nechiporuk, V. F. Bazikalo, M. I. Lyashenko). In particular, under the program of the International Geophysical Year, I. V. Bayrachenko heads the program of radar research of meteors.
  2. Ultra-high-frequency ferrite materials and devices (P. S. Kuts, V. V. Danilov). The first single crystals of nickel ferrite were grown in 1958 (P. S. Kuts, coursework of V. V. Danilov), and in 1959 single crystals of iron-yttrium garnet (ZIG) were obtained. The first spherical ferrite resonators were studied (diploma work of V. V. Danilov).
  3. Research of nonlinear and parametric processes in ferrites and semiconductor structures has been conducted since 1961 (A. I. Glukhovtsev, S. V. Zakrevsky, G. A. Melkov).

A new promising direction is laser information systems and quantum optics. The first ruby lasers in Ukraine were created in the laboratories of Yu. L. Oboznenko and I. P. Pugach. Relevant research groups are being formed: acousto-optical scanning by laser radiation (under the leadership of Yu. L. Oboznenka), electro-optical modulation (under the leadership of A. O. Solomko) and magneto-optical modulation on ZIG crystals (under the leadership of V. D. Tronko), as well as quantum optics laboratory (under the leadership of V. N. Kurashov), in which later (1971) the first holograms were obtained on the basis of the ruby laser already developed at the department and the industrial He-Ne laser. In 1968, I. A. Deryugin defended his doctoral thesis on the quantum theory and practice of information systems.

A broad front of scientific research and their results become the scientific and applied foundation of the department’s self-sustaining funding. Already in the mid-1960s, the first major state-funded topic “Modulation of microwave radiation on ZIG resonators” was concluded (supervisor – I. A. Deryugin, responsible executor – P. S. Kuts, executors: V. V. Danilov, I . M. Zarytskyi, V. F. Bazikalo). This made it possible not only to improve the technology of growing ZIG single crystals, but also to grow bismuth-calcium vanadium single crystals, gallium-substituted garnets, and hexaferrites. In the second half of the 1960s, according to the decrees of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, economic contract topics on ferrite equipment for processing radar signals were concluded (scientific director – I. A. Deryugin, deputy executors: V. V. Danilov, Yu. O. Nechyporuk; performers: B. E. Zhurylenko, V. O. Ruban, V. I. Tsymbarevich, O. V. Tychynskyi). To implement these topics, the Council of Ministers of the USSR allocates funds for modern equipment and materials, in particular, for EPR and NMR spectrometers, a spectroscope and an infrared microscope. M. I. Lyashenko, G. A. Melkov, and V. V. Zaporozhets received their self-supporting topics on ferrite microwave technology. It was these studies that became the actual foundation for the creation of the Problem Scientific Research Laboratory (PNDL) of quantum radiophysics at the department. Her birth was connected with the decision of the State Committee for Science and Technology under the Council of Ministers of the USSR No. 35 of 26.06.1969, the resolution of the Council of Ministers of the Ukrainian SSR No. 448-017 of 22.07.1969, and the order of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications of the Ukrainian SSR No. 13 of 15.08. In 1969, the head and founder of the department, prof. I. A. Deryugin. During 1972-2003, the laboratory was managed by prof. V. V. Danilov, since 2003 the scientific leader of the PNDL of Quantum Radiophysics is Prof. V. I. Grigoruk.

Thus, the department of quantum radiophysics was provided with teaching and scientific personnel and, despite the move of I. A. Deryugin to Moscow, the transfer of the scientific groups of G. A. Melkov and V. N. Kurashov to the newly created department of cryogenic and microelectronics, and later to the group B I. Vorontsov to the reformed department of mathematics and theoretical radiophysics, the department continued to develop its main scientific directions and training of specialists in the radiophysical foundations of modern information technologies.