Kolezhuk O. K.



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DepartmentTheoretical foundations of high technologies
Scientific degree (degree, specialty)Doctor of Science in Physics and Mathematics
Academic degreeprofessor
PublicationsG Sun, AK Kolezhuk, T Vekua, Fidelity at Berezinskii-Kosterlitz-Thouless quantum phase transitions, Physical Review B 91 (1), 014418 (2015) K Rodriguez, A Argüelles, AK Kolezhuk, L Santos, T Vekua, Field-induced phase transitions of repulsive spin-1 bosons in optical lattices, Physical Review Letters 106 (10), 105302 (2011) AK Kolezhuk, Stability of low-dimensional multicomponent dilute Bose gases, Physical Review A 81 (1), 013601 (2010) F. Heidrich-Meisner, I. P. McCulloch, and A. K. Kolezhuk, Phase diagram of an anisotropic frustrated ferromagnetic spin-12chain in a magnetic field: A density matrix renormalization group study, Phys. Rev. B 80, 144417 (2009) IP McCulloch, R Kube, M Kurz, A Kleine, U Schollwöck, AK Kolezhuk, Vector chiral order in frustrated spin chains, Physical Review B 77 (9), 094404 (2008) A Friedrich, AK Kolezhuk, IP McCulloch, U Schollwöck, Edge singularities in high-energy spectra of gapped one-dimensional magnets in strong magnetic fields, Physical Review B 75 (9), 094414 (2007) A.K.Kolezhuk,S.Sachdev,R. R.Biswas, P. Chen, Theory of quantum impurities in spin liquids, Phys. Rev. B, vol.74, 165114 (2006) A.K.Kolezhuk, T. Vekua , Field-induced chiral phase in isotropic frustrated spin chains, Phys. Rev. B vol.72, 094424 (2005) H.-J.Mikeska and A.K.Kolezhuk, One-dimensional magnetism, in "Quantum Magnetism", ed. by U. Schollwöck, J. Richter, DJJ Farnell and RF Bishop, Lecture Notes in Physics vol.645, pp.1-83 (2004). SA Zvyagin, AK Kolezhuk, J Krzystek, R Feyerherm, Excitation hierarchy of the quantum sine-Gordon spin chain in a strong magnetic field, Physical Review Letters 93 (2), 027201 (2004)
ProjectsParticipant (Senior Visiting Scholar) of the project "Multicomponent ultracold Bose and Fermi gases", within the framework of the cluster of excellence QUEST (Centre for Quantum Engineering and Space-Time Research), Task Group 1 (Frontiers of Strongly Correlated Systems) at the University of Hanover, Germany, 2010-2014, ~30 thousand EUR

Personal scholarship: the project "Effects of competing interactions in low-dimensional magnets", funded by the German Science Society (DFG), Heisenberg Fellowship KO 2335, 2004-2009, funding ~240 thousand EUR

Head (on the Ukrainian side) of the joint Ukrainian-German project I/75895 "Low-dimensional magnets in strong magnetic fields", financed by the Volkswagen Foundation, 2000-2003, funding ~75 thousand EUR
ConferencesOrganizer of the International School and Conference on Nanoscience and Quantum Transport (nanoQT-2016), October 8-14, 2016, Kyiv; http://iht.univ.kiev.ua/nanoqt2016
Organizer of Physics Fest 2015, October 23-24, 2015, Kyiv;